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Reopening Anxiety

With the UK government removing the last of the Covid-19 restrictions, I thought that it may be time to update the original “The New Normal” post. This is being written for everyone, not just the UK, so if you feel the advice is useful to you, please do use it.

You may be feeling anxious, or scared, or a whole myriad of emotions right now. You're allowed to. The world has been in and out of some kind of lockdown for nearly 18 months now and many people have become comfortable with our new way of life. Some of us may never want to leave this protective bubble that we've placed ourselves into.

The requirement to wear a mask will be removed although the Prime Minister is advising their use in crowded places. People will be idiots about this. But it's your choice whether to wear a mask or not. Personally I'm going to continue wearing them as I've found that the rate I get a common cold has plummeted. Plus I feel healthier and know that I'm helping to stop the spread of any illness that I do have. If people challenge on you on wearing a mask (or not) all you need to say is that it's your choice. You don't have to say any more. Strangers, or even close friends